Sunday, July 27, 2008

HellCraft - My new hang out !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellcraft is not a place and don't get me wrong by the tittle but i still hang out there. Confused !!!!! Its a free web server for hosting Warcraft III & Frozane throne which i found out via googling.I was actually searching for such a server to continue my hostel gaming life with my friend dracky on net.we missed that fun we had in hostel in these holidays,so was searching for a free server so desperately and i came across this hellcraft.

The site was superb and it mentioned all the necessary requirements and i was able to join the server in ease.More than the server the people there were so superb and enthusiastic.They told us how do they play out there as we were just rookies in Battle.Net which is the online game of the Warcraft III.I played a lot of games with them and two of them was from chennai and one was even the admin of the site.He even taught me his tactics and some of the playing skills which i had never known.

For my Warcraft friends out there check out this site and its really a superb server with lots of great options and to add it all its totally free of cost!!!!!!!!.If you wanna join now ,click on this link HellCraft and join us on board.


Phoenix said...

Great info! Warcraft never die!

BabyKakarot said...

nice .. im an admin in HeLLCraft

if u want your blog listed in

then PM me in hell or mail to