Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Hidden Files Problem

I experienced a peculiar problem this weekend.Actually it all started with the amvo virus in one of my friends computer.I removed the virus for him.The next day,he told me that he cann't see the hidden files even after removing the virus.Then i noticed that the procedure only removes the virus and doesn't turns back the damage it has done.So i had to revert it back manually.This happens not only with this virus but many others too.

The virus changes the registry setting of the hidden files in windows registry so even if u change the option to show Hidden files in the folder options ,you cannot see the hidden files in your system.This is done to protect the virus files which are hidden too.So you need to correct the registry setting to see the hidden files.To do that follow these steps
  • Run Registry Editor by typing regedit in run
  • In the Registry travase to this path
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
  • Then double click the value Hidden in the right hand side pan
  • A dialog box pops up asking for the datavalue.The virus would have changed the value to 0 which should be
    • 1 - Show hidden
    • 2 - Don't show
Once you have done this,you can even remove the virus files just by deleting the hidden virus files in explorer itself.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Missing File Names

When I opened my wallpapers folder today,all my file names where missing in it.First i thought it was an virus and was going for a reformat but i noticed that the filenames where missing only in that folder and other ones where fine.

Then i came to know that it was nothing more than a windows trick.If one presses shift and enters a folder,the filename settings changes in the folder i.e the filenames disappear and it is reverted back by just doing the same.Check these snap shots out..

Missing Filenames in Explorer

Filenames appear's Back