Friday, July 25, 2008

Bomb Blast in Banglore !! Condolence's for the suffered

There has been a series of bomb blasts in banglore today starting around 1.30 pm. The first explosion that occurred at a bus stop near the Madivala check-post on the busy Hosur Road claimed the life of Sudha Ravi who was waiting for a bus with her husband. Two more explosives went off in the adjoining Audugodi area, in which three persons were injured.

Low intensity explosions were also reported from three places on Mysore Road and two spots in the heart of the city, near the Mallya Hospital and near Rashtriya Military School on Langford Road.

In Audugodi, explosives were planted behind a telephone junction box near a commercial complex under construction, and another near a storm water drain. On Mysore Road, explosives were placed under a power supply transformer near a mall, a storm water drain and near the Regional Transport Office.

Two people are dead and more than 25 people where injured according to the latest news in television.My heartily condolence's for those who suffered in the bomb blast and the ones who did this should not go unpunished and they will surely suffer for their doings before leaving this world itself.Those bastards are not even worthy to compare with any of the creatures in the world.

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