Thursday, February 21, 2008

Problems in Linux

Hi guys,its been a long time i thought about using Linux operating system as i was busy with the windows os with my project and now as my project is getting ready to completion ,i was thinking of getting back to Linux and learn some thing new in it and i thought of the problems i faced while using the Linux os a while ago and i thought i may share with all of you. I usually use Fedora core ,i don't know why but i like it .so here goes the story

Installing Linux

The First and foremost problem was installing the Linux in a new partition in my system.I started installing the Fedora core from the cd's i downloaded from the internet,it was going on fine till the step came for selecting the partition for installing Linux,as i was new to it,i didn't know what to do and selected automatic selection.

The Setup asked me to whether to use the free space in the hard disk or use a window partion and or use a old linux partition.I didn't have the last 2 options in my hand and so i thought of trying the first one and the setup showed the free space in all the existing partitions but i had data in it so i could not even use them .so i stopped the installation

What actually went wrong in the installation was that i should have created empty partition first in the windows itself or should have known to use the manual partition setup

Easy Installation of Linux

Follow these steps for easy installation
  • Boot your system in windows
  • Select an existing partition which you can wipe out and move the needed data's to other partition
  • The size of the partition should be at least 5 GB,i recommend 10 GB for good usage
  • Use a partition software like Partition Magic and delete the partition and restart
  • After restarting ,the partition should be gone form the system
  • Now boot your system from the Linux CD and go through the installation process
  • At the stage of selecting the partition ,use automatic and select the option of using existing free space
  • Now the setup will take free space we have created by deleting the partition
  • Go through the rest of the setup and install Linux.

Manual Installation

Manual installation differs slightly for different versions of linux,mostly all the linux needs 3 partitions namely

  1. Boot Partition with a minimum of 100 MB size
  2. Swap Partition with a minimum of 128 MB size
  3. Root Partition with a minimum of 4 GB size
There will be a partition software in the setup,use the new ,edit and delete to create these partitions and it looks like this

Delete any existing partition which is not needed and create these new partitions and select the partition type as ext3 which is the Linux partition type for boot and root partition's and swap partition if of swap partition type itself.

For the mount point type you need to select /boot for boot partition and / for root partition and for swap you don't have mount point itself. After creating all these partitions ,you can also create a extra partition if you want like the D and E partitions in Windows os.just create a new partition and select any mount point other than / , /boot.

The newer versions of the Linux now don't need the boot partition but need the remaining 2 partitions.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wealth of India - The Golden Temples

I don't think India as a poor country and those who think like that,just look at these temples and tell me ,is India actually poor or it's being deprecated like that ...

There are 3 golden temples in India as of now and each have its own origin and own history and here is a little bit of info about those temples for you,

The Tirupathi Golden temple

This temple is for the God Sri Venkateswara located on the seventh peak, Venkatachala (Venkata Hill) of the Tirupati Hill, and lies on the southern banks of Sri Swami Pushkarini in the state of Andra Pradesh.This temple's origin goes to 9 th century Pallavas of the Kanchipuram and then it was followed by lot of the rulers who enchanted the temple's prosperity and one of the most significant ruler in that list is Sri Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar dynasty.

It 's one of the holiest pilgrim spot of the hindu's and it attracts lot of devotees from all over the world,for more info about the place click here

The Golden temple of Amritsar

The Golden temple of Amritsar belongs to the Sikh religion of the Punjab's.It's history goes to 1577 AD of the fourth Guru of Sikhism, Guru Ram Das, excavated a tank which subsequently became known as Amritsar which means Pool of the Nectar of Immortality , giving its name to the city that grew around it. In due course, a splendid Sikh edifice, Harmandir Sahib which means The Abode of God , rose in the middle of this tank and became the supreme center of Sikh's.

The Golden temple of Vellore

The Golden temple in Vellore was built just a year ago, to be exactly accurate it was opened for public on August 24,2007 and its getting popular day by day. The temple is built for the Goddess Mahalakshmi.The Rs 600-crore gold temple is located on 55,000 sq ft of land on a 100-acre salubrious stretch in Malaikodi, about 6 km from Vellore in north Tamil Nadu.

The temple is built almost similar to the Golden temple in Amritsar,the temple is in middle of a pond and there is a star pathway with inscriptions from Gita and various other holy scripts written all over it.Even the pillar are built with gold making the temple richest of all in whole continent of Asia.

Some more photo's of the new Golden temple ....

With a deck of Cards (contd .....)


I think most of the people like this game just for its sound but its really a good one,so here are the rules for the games,this game should be played with a single deck and with jokers removed from the deck.


To get rid of all the cards in hand

  • Distribute the deck of cards evenly among the players.
  • The one who gets Ace spade has to start first.
  • He can put down any card he wants first,the other players if they have a card in that design has to put down ,if he doesn't have a card in that design ,he can put the largest card which he has in the other design,this is called as giving a cut.
  • If some one gives a cut all those cards goes to person who dropped the card of the highest point in the design which was started.
  • The one who still has the cards at the last is the ass and for the next game he gets the Ace spade In this game ,the cards have their points according to their number expect the Ace which is the highest followed by the King ,Queen ,Jack & rest of the cards in descending order.

Friday, February 8, 2008

With a deck of Cards.....

Well this might be funny but its true ,me and my friends are spending our college days with just a pack of cards in my hostel room.It all started when we were bored of the Business game(that's another story) we usually play after cutting the class or just giving the attendance & returning back to hostel,one of my friend bought is card pack just for fun and we started playing with just 3 players and in a day all my class where in it and we were spending the whole day in it,playing a variety of games using cards and here is some info about those games for you...

Five Cards

In this game,each player is given five cards and a card is taken from the remaining deck and kept as a joker which means it has zero points ,whatever the card may be and there will be a opening card for the first player to start with

The main aim of the game is to get the lowest points,by dropping the cards,the cards have the points according to their number expect for the jack,queen and king which have 10 points and Ace as point of 1

The game goes like this ,you should put a card down(the highest one ) and take one from the deck or the one put by the previous one.One important factor is that if you have 2 or more cards with the same number you can drop them all down in a single drop.

Then after you reduce the points to lowest and if you feel you have lowest points after adding up all the cards,you should bid ,if your bid goes wrong say that if any one has less than you or has a point equal to yours,you get a highest point of 50 ,while the others who are lower and equal to get a zero and the others get the points what they have in their cards

Now keep a threshold say a 300 points ,then start playing ,if anyone crosses beyond it,he is out of the game and the game continues with other players .The last one standing after the rest of them are out of the game is the winner.

Try it out with atleast 6 players,it will be fun & about the remaining games in my next blog till then keep playing ....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Proxies for browsing

Proxy,i came to know about this word in one of my subjects in 2nd semester but never know the real use of it till the next semester,but after that proxies became an inevitable part of my hostel life due to firewall installed by my college.All the sites for fun where blocked especially orkut,so we searched for some way to break the firewall and one of the friend came with the idea of trying some proxy sites.

To our great surprise ,those proxy sites where not blocked at that time and so we started seeing all the sites using those proxy sites.Here are the best two proxy sites i used,

Our enjoyment did not last long ,as our system administrator found out the usage of these sites some how and blocked them too,so we started our search for some other cracks in the firewall and we found one too and this was amazing than those sites,its nothing but a proxy software called Your Freedom

Its a client like software that runs on your system and connects to some proxy sites that run some where in the world through the existing internet connection,we just have to direct our browser to the local host instead of the original proxy setting and now we can use internet as if a firewall doesn't exist ,the only disadvantage in this is the download is done limited bytes and connection exists only for 1 hour and one has to reconnect it after 60 minutes so downloading large files cann't be done .

For more info regarding this your freedom server ,check out the link below

As the download of size greater than 25 mb where blocked by the system administrator and your freedom wasn't too help full in the matter of download's,my search continues for some crack in the firewall,so till i find such a crack in the firewall ..........