Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dad's Retirment party

Its been a while since i made some new posts as there was no special events going on in my life for past one week.But yesterday was a exceptional one as it was one of the important and a D day for my dad and rest of my family as it was my dad's retirement day.

My dad was a government employee working in the Electricity board of Tamil Nadu and he got retired as a Superintending Engineer with an 37 year Experience in the field.As my dad was known for his hard work and sincerity,he had a quite a number of good friends and some followers too.Most of them came to my house to drop him and bid a warm goodbye to him.Some of my relatives even wanted to come for the function but as a simple man ,my dad didn't want any such things as it would cost my relatives a lot to come and attend the function.Any way there were a lot of my family friends present who live nearby us.It was not a such grand party and all but it was much fun with 2 little kids getting the center of attention and there mischievous acts clouding away the sad with happiness.

It was both a sad and happy moment in my house.Even though my dad is a little bid worried ,there is nothing to be worried about as he had already educated me and my brother to a very good standard and we have even started earning so don't worry Dad and this particular post is a tribute to my lovely and caring Dad.

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