Monday, June 30, 2008

A walk to Remember - Movie Review

I am not usually a sentimental guy and i mostly hate the films which end sadly but this is one of the movie which moved me to tears and made me watch it again and again.A walk to remember is a love story that involves two teenagers,Landon and Jamie who are from the same locality and same school.Landon who doesn't have faith in GOD or himself wastes his college life like all spoiled children and one such act causes him to do Community service with Jamie.

Even though he knew Jamie for a long time ,he always ignores her but to do the service he needs her help,thats when he comes to know about Jamie who is full of hope and faith.Jamie agrees to help him with one condition that is he should not fall in love with her.As time goes ,Landon learns more about jamie and falls in love with her and even jamie starts loving him.Jamie tries to resist and avoid him for a unknown reason even though she loves him.

Whats the reason and how the story ends is the movie.Even though the story has a sad ending ,its a superb romantic film which all teenagers must watch to understand what love is and how powerful it is.A true romantic movie which can take your hearts and wet your eyes,so watch it.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Orientation Day

June 27 ,2008 has become one of my unforgettable days in my life,thanks to my CTS for making it such a one.I never imagined that i will get my first day @ job like this,even though it was only a orientation program that too not a compulsory one.

I reached my office at 10 a.m to find my friends waiting for me and they were registering them selves in the office and told me the formalities.It was over by a minute or two and i was given a 2008 fresher medal in purple color band.Then i came to know that the colors where for different groups.Then we went to the cafeteria and had some snacks for breakfast after which we were separated into various groups based on the colors as i mentioned earlier.

Then we had some games like Spoon & lemon and the greatest one which i enjoyed a lot was the Treasure Hunt.The main aim of the game was to know the office better and it did do the job well.
Then we had lunch and it was followed by a speech from one of our HR.One of the other best thing which happened was the teleconferencing which we had with our CEO who was in New york at that time and he spoke to us for about an half hour at the 2.30 pm in India but for him it was early morning around 4.30 am.I was really taken by his down to earth character and all this welcome party.So in short,I was really happy as my decision to join CTS wasn't a futile one and i am excited to start working there.Therefore i am eagerly awaiting for the August 11,which is my joining date.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Avatar - The Last Airbender

I have been busy watching this amazing cartoon series,Avatar - the last Air bender for almost the whole week.The animation series is good,funny and really enjoyable and I am Anime lover,so i spent the whole week in it.

The Avatar,last air bender is a story in which the world is divided into 4 kingdoms,the Air,Water,Earth and Fire.All where in peace till the Fire nation attacked them and over took the kingdoms.Only the Avatar - the master of all the 4 skills can take out the Fire Lord,but he disappeared suddenly and after about a 100 years,2 Water tribe siblings,a brother & a sister finds out the new avatar frozen in a ice glacier .The Avatar is the Aang,the last Air bender who should master all the remaining elements before he had to take the fire lord.So Aang's journey begins with the siblings Katara and sokka to travel to north pole to learn water bending and then to earth kingdom to learn earth bending.

The journey is awesome with unexpected twist and turns.Its fun too watch and interesting too,keeping one on edge of their seats at the twisted points.The season 3 is still on air ,if you want to watch ,visit this site to download all the episodes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Waiting on my Toes

"You know what,I got a call from my Company and they are calling me for an Orientation Program on 27 of this month",This are the words which come out most often my month in these last few days and i keep bosting about it to my friends.I don't know why but i am kind of excited with a little bit of fear too.Starting the career life and my visit to the company for the first time ,wow its great to even think about!!!!!!!!.So waiting for it on my toes,lets see how it goes for me and please wish me luck friends !!!!!!!!.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dasavtharam - Taking Indian Movies to the next level

The Long waited Dasavtharam were on screens last Friday and i had the opportunity to see it only this Tuesday.I actually missed some first few minutes of the film ,till the first song,so my review may not be a complete one so please bare with me.I was excited to see all the ten characters for the first time and i have not read any review as i wanted to see it on the screen without knowing any facts.The Scientist Kamalahasan who works in one of the biological research department of US government with a team finds out a deadly virus which can spread in air and kill millions of life.

As usual one of his senior members tries to sell it out to the bad people but out hero smokes it out and steals the virus from lab before it can reach the hands of the bad ones.The bad guys hire an X CIA agent who is again Kamalahasan and he chases the scientist for the Virus.The chase starts from one of scientist friends house and it finds its way to india by a misplaced packet.The X CIA agent chases him even to India and how the scientist gets rid of the virus is the main story.

During this journey,the other 7 Kamalahasen's come as some characters.One of the main Character is CBI agent who investigates the case in India.The POP singer character impresses the audience with his dance and the song.The best character was the Japanese one,the makeup was so superb such that it was difficult to identify that the character was none other than our hero.

Even the Great Moon has some black spots so is our film too,though all the ten characters where totally different ,there was not enough role for each and every character in the film,some characters lasted only for some minutes on the screen.Some of the chasing scenes seems to get a brupt stop and continue elsewhere in a different location.But too cover these everything comes the climax.The artificial created Tsunami seems to be so natural and they have added some real tsunami scenes too that was taken on the 2004 Tsunami.

In total,Dasavatharam was a great film too watch and the film which has taken Indian films too the next level in the World of Cinema's.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What a Trip !!!!!

"I am Back !!!!!!!!! " ,oops sorry don't get tensed that too mainly for thala fans.I am just a little naughty today so only was using our great thala's dialog.Anyway i am back from my native village trip and as i expected it was a great one with a variety of dishes from my various relatives filling my appetite and filling me up to my mouth.I started on 17 th early morning and traveled by the local buses,the trip was boring but my thoughts kept me busy all during the trip.It was a mixed feeling thoughts about my life and the others around me.Anyway its nothing so great to talk about ,so let me come back to my trip.

I had to shift a bus to get to the village.The village side views were so scenic too view and too my utter amusement it was the same me who once hated to go to this village was now enjoying each and every view.As I reached around the midday ,the first thing my uncle and aunt did was to make me eat,then after that my uncle took me to various other relatives house.Oops,I forgot to mention a main thing about the village,you can say that the whole village is interconnected which means almost all of them are my relatives in one way or another.So there where lots of houses too visit and in each house i had to drink some milk ,eat some snacks.There is my big uncle's house,he is the MLA of the village so one can imagine how it will be.Its a big house and too add it all ,it was so quite with only a few aunty's and my grandma around.I had to eat there due to my aunts compulsion and then again at night i had too visit some more houses.

Then i stayed at my uncle's house who had invited me around and was spending the day happily with his children's .We were chatting about all things ,even my aunt joined in the conversation.Then we saw some Tamil film and slept off.One main thing about the village is that the main job is Weaving clothes by using power and hand looms.The Looms sound was like the heart beat of the village.When there was a current failure,the whole village seemed to dead with no sounds coming out of the entire village.I had to visit some more houses the next day too and went to a film with my uncle too.Then i bid them all with a nice good bye and left them with a trip feeling in my heart which is going too last forever.Here are some snaps of the village,i visited.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Planning for my Native Trip

Today morning the phone rang as usual and i thought it must be a call for my dad.Since my dad was busy with something ,i picked it up and too my surprise the person on other end was my uncle from my native place who I met recently on the marriage festival function 2 days back.There he was calling me too visit our native village as my last visit was 6 years ago too be exact.I was not planned for anything and too get rid of the situation and not to hurt his feelings i replied him that i will come around next Monday and the next Monday is today.I never thought he would call me up home and invite me again, so the phone call was again an invitation for me too visit the native place.My Dad told him that i will be visiting them tomorrow as I had some work here.As i was bored out here due to my friends absence ,i too decided to visit them and try out their new car.So i think it will be an interesting visit and i will be back in a couple of days to share everything with you guys.

One thing that was bugging me was that i have taken some opps in social spark and i am in waiting list.I was worried that i will miss them if i had to visit my native place but it seems that the opps takes a long time for to get the slot.Hoping that i will not miss those opps ,i am leaving to my native place tommorow.

For my blog friends do pay me a visit and leave a comment ,i will return your visit when i arrive back.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smitha - The Indian JLO

Smitha the latest pop album has been rocking my mind & body in day and night and its just not me alone ,but almost the whole of India.Not only the pop album is named Smitha even the singer is too Smitha.She is a hot singer and i mean what i say ,the photos are the proof. Smitha is great singer from Vijayawada who started her career as a singer in 1997 and as a pop singer in 2000 with the launch of her first pop album 'Hai Rabba' a Telngu pop album.Then followed by her Kalakal album in tamil.She also sang a huge number of film songs in Telngu.Too top all this has come her new album Smitha which is in her name itself and she has done this album with the sony BGM.The song Mahe ve of the smitha album is rocking the India and i like the tamil version very much,the album has been released in three languages hindi,telngu and tamil.

The video of the song has a great similarity with the JLO's waiting for tonight song and this was one of the reasons that bought her the name Indian JLO.Hope to hear more of her songs that too esp. in Tamil.She rocks the world with her songs and let it go on.

Mahi Ve - Tamil version the song which is rocking TamilNadu now...check it out my friends.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nichayathartam - A Indian Marriage Festival

I was away for two days to one of the indian villages to celebrate the marriage festival of my Cousin Sister.It is called Nichayathartam in which the bride and bridegroom get engaged.The bridegroom's family comes to house of the bride and talks with their family members and they fix a date and read the Marriage Invitation which is called as the kalyana Pathirkai and exchange some sort of Thambulam.I don't know what it is called in English but its a plate full of tobacco leaves and some banana & other fruits.Both the houses exchange thambulams in front of all the relatives and the marriage is officially fixed.

This is one of the important function in Hindu Marriage system.This is done differently by the different caste people.Any way it will be a grand function with all the people and relatives coming and visiting the bride and the bridegroom.It was a pleasant night and a wonderful one at my Sister's village with all the relatives getting at one spot and exchanging greetings and pleasantries.We chatted for a long while cracking jokes and teasing others jokingly.It was a great night with time flowing like a cool breeze in which you wish to stay forever but you can't.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A day @ Dad's Office.

My dad is an Superintending Engineer in our Electricity board department and his office have some computers mostly for the documentation work that needs to be carried on daily.I was bored in the home due to the holidays and absence of my friends added some more fuel to the burning boredemness,so my dad invited me to his office and i was not that much interested to spend a day in office.I told it will be boring down a lot there than in home but my Dad told that there was some problems with their systems ,you can repair them if you want.After hearing this my idea changed because i am a computer freak that too when it especially comes with some problems mainly due to virus.So at last i accompanied him to his office.

There where about 5 to 10 computers in the main office and all where used for documentation mostly.One of the main problem was that the word file when double clicked did not to open in MS Word ,instead opened in MS Excel.I cleared this problem in a second as you all know this because the open with command has been given a wrong application as Excel instead of Word.

Then there where some problem in Excel too and I couldn't solve even at the days end.The problem was that if 2 or more Excel documentation's where opened in separate Excel applications ,if one is closed all others automatically closes too.I couldn't figure whats the problem there and where to solve it.... if you know how to solve it please leave the procedure in a comment.

Then there where some amvo viruses in most of the systems,i removed them but there was one another peculiar problem which is that i could not open MSCONFIG not REGEDIT by running it the command prompt.I want to search about it in net and find out about this one.If you already know something about it,do leave a comment.

Anyway the day went great with everyone calling me around to fix that and this.They where all minor problems but due to their lack of computer knowledge,they could not fix them and the S/W professionals didn't come there as the place was some what distant from the near town.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ben X - Movie Review

Ben X is one of the real time life story film and this is all about a boy who has some disabilities in him.I couldn't understand whats the disability till the end anyway.It was a Belgium movie and i watched with subs so it was hard to understand everything.I actually came to know about this from the you tube's most watched videos.There was so much hike about this film as this was the first film to combine gamers world with the movie.

For Ben,his world is Online Gaming where he has no disabilities and where he can choose to be who he wants to be and what he wants to be.He has reached level 80 in the game but gets bullied by all his classmates around him and he goes to the edge of frustration and what happens at the ultimatum is the story.If i revel the end ,it will not be interesting to watch,so watch for a unexpecting end.This film has got several awards but from my aspect expect the ending ant the true story part,its not a great movie for such a great hike.Anyway the story was nice and one should watch this movie and especially kids and teenagers to know what bulling could do to a young fellow

Social Spark !! Spark's ur life

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Props is one of the main things that matter in Social Spark,you can meet friends and if you like them and their blogs you can prop them.The more props you get ,the more opps you can take easily.One can also see his blogs actual rank,the visits all in a graph format which helps to improve the traffic and know about our blog more correctly and precisely.In short a total site to do great blogging,find friends,chat and earn money in a easy way.So if you haven't signed up for it ,signing it up now by clicking here SocialSpark and spark your life !!!!!

Sponsored by SocialSpark

RoadRunner - Fastest Supercomputer

Roadrunner ,the word which reminds of the Bird and the animation series mostly is going to remain a supercomputer from today.IBM reveling its Fastest supercomputer till now in world today and naming it after the state bird Roadrunner thus introducing a new meaning to the Roadrunner.The Roadrunner has beaten the IBM's Fastest Computer Bluegene by performing 1,000 trillion calculations per second which is twice that of the Bluegene and costing a amount of 100 million $.

Where on earth are we headed too ?????? with such a speed and with the speeds yet to come !!!

Celebrating the Golden Jubliee - Egmore Railway station

One of the greatest landmarks of the Chennai celebrates its Golden Jubilee today and its none other than our famous Egmore Railway Station of Chennai.Built on 1908 by South Indian Railway company,the station has been a landmark and one of the most important Railway station in the whole of Tamil Nadu state handling about25 main line trains ,118 suburban trains and servicing about 1 lakh people every day.Lets salute for this great building and wish it a 1000 more years of long long life.

Egmore at 1908

The Current Egmore Station

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sizziling Shriya

I signed up for PPP

Today is one of the great days in my life ,as my blog got approved in PPP.Thanks to all my friends who helped me to know about this great opportunity.For those who are new to blogging and for my new friends ,this PPP may look like a familiar word as you could have seen in it many sites and here is the post about the PPP and its benefits.

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The blog approval follows some rules like
  • Your blog should have an Archive
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Once your blog has been approved,you need to install the PPP tools in your blog which is a easy one.Now you have to look for the opportunities,take the opp to blog about it and get paid via pay pal.So join now and earn easy money in easy way via payper post.One can also directly contact the advertisers via PPP direct.There are also ref feral programs in which you keep an add for Payperpost site and if your friends sign up via that link and write post and gets paid,you too also get paid for that.This is called the affiliation program.Learn more about this by signing up instantly.

The Wisdom Tooth Problem

One of my teeth started to ache a week days ago and I thought it was some problem due to the Tooth Brush.Usually I hurt my gums with my Tooth Brush and i thought this ache is also some thing like that but it continued to ache for almost 3 days. I don't usually like dentist very much and i am one of the person who has not removed a teeth still in my family so i was trying to avoid my visit to my dentist.But due to the pressure from my parents,I planed to visit the dentist. Specially because my mom almost frightened me by saying that the problem is due to drinking cold water and one of our friends had to remove the teeth due to that.I got scared when they talked about removing the teeth so at last i went to the dentist who is a lady doctor.I was eager and also a little bit frightened to know whats the cause for the ache.She just took a look at my teeth and asked where the pain is,i told it was beyond the last teeth.she nodded as if she understood the problem immediately and told me not to worry as the ache is only due to the growth of the new wisdom teeth.I thanked God as it was only a little thing but i was wrong then came the big shock for me.

She then looked under some bright light with some spoon like tools and said that " The wisdom teeth on the right side is not growing straight and i think you may need to remove it because it may cause trouble in future,lets see after a week or so about it".she gave some medicines for the ache and told me that this will continue till the teeth comes out of the gums completely.I was worried about it and so i came and searched the net for some info reg the Wisdom tooth and found that 9 out of 10 peoples wisdom tooth grows in wrong direction and need to be removed at the young age itself or else it will be most difficult to remove it later due to its direction.For more details see this link.

Its been about 3 days now after my visit to the dentist and my medications have gotten over too and my tooth is still aching around.I think i need to remove my teeth ,waiting for a week to know about it fully.I hope at least that there will be no problem in removing the teeth at this stage itself.Lets me find it out and tell you in a week.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Road Trip to Indian Village Temple

I hoped in my dad's car besides my sister who was already seated in the car and as my parents also boarded in, we were ready to start our road trip to a Indian Village Temple.The Temple was located in a place called Melmalayanur which 32 kms from Gingee,Tamil Nadu.It was a temple of the Goddess Angala Parameshwari Amman, a Hindu Goddess.

I was not so excited about the trip as most of these temples will be mostly abandoned with only few villagers who worship in that temple.The whole journey was about 3 hours drive from our house in Vellore.As the city limits began wade off,my eyes feasted on the greenish,lush lands of the Villages on the way.It was fantastic view to feast upon and the roads where all deserted with only a few people walking by.The place was so calm with a warm breeze flowing over my cheeks.

We stopped in the middle to eat Nungu,a fruit thats available in India and i took the chance to capture the beauty of the villages in that time and here is it for you all to feast upon.

I was taken by surprise when I entered the main village where the temple is located.Till the last minute before taking the road for the main villager, it was hard to see a group of people standing in the road but now the village was flowing full of people from all over the neighboring villages,I don't know from where or how did they come to the place.I then came to know that the temple has a special pooja on No moon day and it will be full of rush like this on all such days.The main specialty is that they bring the Goddess statue at midnight 12.00 exactly on this day and swing her in a Unjal in one of the buildings .The people come to see this event and they start to sit around that building from 6 pm.Its said that those who view this event gets what they want and thing s happen to them as they desire for those who believe it.

Anyway the crowd was pouring in like the Thirupathi temple here.The main Goddess was in a little cave where only a small group of 4 to 5 people can stand.We were taken directly there by some of the contacts my dad had in there.The priests where pushing the people like anythin and they where not even allowed to enter the cave.To enter the cave there is some special fee of about 100 or above.We were all drenched with sweet when we came back outside.Here is the footage of the Goddess in that temple,this was taken from a Government site as people are not allowed to take picture of the deity in the Hindu temples.

we did not wait for the main event at midnight as my dad had some important work.So we came back to home.Anyway it was a nice journey and also an exciting one for me.Hope to got there once again to see the main unjal event.