Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Hi Guyz and Galz,

Its been a long time since my postings here in this blog and I am sorry for it.I have shifted to a new blog ,Please do visit it Here is the Link .


Monday, August 4, 2008

TriColor Mouse for this Independance Day

As our 61'st Independence day is around the corner ,a lot of ideas are taking shapes in the country and one such an idea that took shape is the Tricolor Mouse.The Tricolor Mouse which resembles the Indian Flag's Colors has been introduced by Logitech.Inc for this independence day.

This plug-and-play mouse comes with an all-terrain optical sensor smooth tracking and maximum surface coverage in virtually any environment .It has an cord wrap facility which helps user to wind the cord neatly when not needed.This Logitech Tricolor mouse is available at Rs 640 with a 3-year replacement warranty and is available at all leading electronic stores.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dad's Retirment party

Its been a while since i made some new posts as there was no special events going on in my life for past one week.But yesterday was a exceptional one as it was one of the important and a D day for my dad and rest of my family as it was my dad's retirement day.

My dad was a government employee working in the Electricity board of Tamil Nadu and he got retired as a Superintending Engineer with an 37 year Experience in the field.As my dad was known for his hard work and sincerity,he had a quite a number of good friends and some followers too.Most of them came to my house to drop him and bid a warm goodbye to him.Some of my relatives even wanted to come for the function but as a simple man ,my dad didn't want any such things as it would cost my relatives a lot to come and attend the function.Any way there were a lot of my family friends present who live nearby us.It was not a such grand party and all but it was much fun with 2 little kids getting the center of attention and there mischievous acts clouding away the sad with happiness.

It was both a sad and happy moment in my house.Even though my dad is a little bid worried ,there is nothing to be worried about as he had already educated me and my brother to a very good standard and we have even started earning so don't worry Dad and this particular post is a tribute to my lovely and caring Dad.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

HellCraft - My new hang out !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellcraft is not a place and don't get me wrong by the tittle but i still hang out there. Confused !!!!! Its a free web server for hosting Warcraft III & Frozane throne which i found out via googling.I was actually searching for such a server to continue my hostel gaming life with my friend dracky on net.we missed that fun we had in hostel in these holidays,so was searching for a free server so desperately and i came across this hellcraft.

The site was superb and it mentioned all the necessary requirements and i was able to join the server in ease.More than the server the people there were so superb and enthusiastic.They told us how do they play out there as we were just rookies in Battle.Net which is the online game of the Warcraft III.I played a lot of games with them and two of them was from chennai and one was even the admin of the site.He even taught me his tactics and some of the playing skills which i had never known.

For my Warcraft friends out there check out this site and its really a superb server with lots of great options and to add it all its totally free of cost!!!!!!!!.If you wanna join now ,click on this link HellCraft and join us on board.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Port Forwading for UTorrent Client

I have been downloading some films via torrent and was using utorrent as the torrent client for some time now.Although some torrents got downloaded faster most of them did not start downloading even though they had a large number of seeds and peers.I could not find out what the problem was ,so i tried different torrents but there was no difference.One of my friends told me to check out the speed guide in utorrent client and i tried it.The speed was good in my connection but the port was not open and my torrents where not forwarded in simple way it was not downloading since the port was blocked by my router.I looked at the help given and tried forwarding the torrents in that way,but as my connection P2POE and port forwarding in my router needed the address to be static ,i was not able to do it.I tried forwarding it in dynamic ip itself and my router got struck with it.The next time i booted my system,the router wasn't able to assign a ip address for my system so i had to reset my router to get it back to normal.If any one know how to solve this problem ,please let me know... Thanks in advance.

Bomb Blast in Banglore !! Condolence's for the suffered

There has been a series of bomb blasts in banglore today starting around 1.30 pm. The first explosion that occurred at a bus stop near the Madivala check-post on the busy Hosur Road claimed the life of Sudha Ravi who was waiting for a bus with her husband. Two more explosives went off in the adjoining Audugodi area, in which three persons were injured.

Low intensity explosions were also reported from three places on Mysore Road and two spots in the heart of the city, near the Mallya Hospital and near Rashtriya Military School on Langford Road.

In Audugodi, explosives were planted behind a telephone junction box near a commercial complex under construction, and another near a storm water drain. On Mysore Road, explosives were placed under a power supply transformer near a mall, a storm water drain and near the Regional Transport Office.

Two people are dead and more than 25 people where injured according to the latest news in television.My heartily condolence's for those who suffered in the bomb blast and the ones who did this should not go unpunished and they will surely suffer for their doings before leaving this world itself.Those bastards are not even worthy to compare with any of the creatures in the world.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Congress is back !! Will India be back too ????????

Congress has striked again for the third time in the history of Indian politics by wining in the thrust vote in the parliament .The UPA government led by the Manmohan Singh has won the thrust vote with 253 votes on favor against 232 votes in the house of 487 with two absentees.

Due to the political instability,the prices of all common commodities were at their maximum peak for the past one week and the stocks were falling too,now as the political condition is almost stabilized,what are the UPA government's plan to bring back the economic stability of India remains a question and will the plans help out India is another question that can be answered only by the upcoming future.Hoping that everything will go fine and India will be back on its track !!!!!!!!